Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Ornament Garland

I reeeeeally wanted an ornament garland, but the ones I found at the store were not in the colors or style that I wanted, or they way too long. So I put on my Miss Mash hat and made my own.

Here is what you'll need
Fishing line -Clear with 6lb test
Ornaments in different sizes 
Command hooks with strips

I wanna say I used between 50-60 ornaments. 

This seems like a relatively simple project, but fishing line is slippery. Since I hung mine on a shelf, I wanted to make sure I used the lightest materials possible. Fishing line is barely there, but it is super strong. 

I started off on the floor and strung the ornaments like it wasn't any thing. Then I tried to carry my garland over to the shelf. Three tries and several obscenities later, I decided to set up my command strips on the shelf and tie one end of the fishing line through the hook. I looped it around and through several times. I then threaded my ornaments onto the line in the design that I wanted. 

The ornaments will bunch together automatically. I had to convince my mom that I didn't do some voodoo to get them bunched like that.

When I was finished, I looped it around my fingers several times so it wouldn't slip out of my hands (again). Then I tied it off and through the last Command hook several times. 

I'm working on getting some green leafy garland to hide the hooks.


PS. To recreate my Nutcracker Silhouettes, see my post on Halloween Silhouettes.

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