Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Grain Sack Drop Cloth Tablecloth

I decided that I needed an awesome tablecloth to go with my newly covered kitchen chairs. Also, I have like ten thousand yards left of the drop cloth. I'm getting so close to having the french country kitchen I've always wanted. I added a little bit of paint to give it that French grain sack look.

Here is what you'll need
Drop cloth
Eyelet fabric
Fabric paint
Paint roller
Painter's tape
Sewing machine

*Acrylic paint washes out so make sure you get fabric paint.

1. To prepare the drop cloth for my use, I washed it and added a little bit of bleach to it.

2. When it comes out of the washer, it is going to be wrinkled as all can be so iron the crap out of it.

3. Place the fabric on your table and pin it at the length that you desire. Cut off the excess fabric. You could also just measure the tablecloth and then add how many inches you want, but I needed to see it hanging in front of me.

 4. Next, break out the painter's tape and map out your lines. I used the roller sponge and went to town.

5. Wait about 10 minutes for the paint to dry before working on the next coat. I was really paranoid about getting red paint dots everywhere.

6. After the paint was dry, I pinned my eyelet fabric to the drop cloth. I was actually looking for something entirely different when I wandered past this eyelet bed skirt. Score! It was for a twin bed and it measured out perfectly. I just cut out the middle part.

7. I broke out my sewing machine for my first actual sewing machine project. It took a bit, but I attached the eyelet fabric to the drop cloth. I purposely bunched it to give it that ruffly look. I think it came out pretty kick ass.

8. Enjoy!

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