Monday, January 27, 2014

Drop Cloth Kitchen Chairs

I've been wanting to redo my kitchen chairs since the first time my husband let my then, 2 year old, eat dinner at the kitchen table instead of the high chair. She has since had her own designated chair. Ick.

Now, I think our chairs are pretty kick ass.

Here is what you'll need
Drop cloth
Stencil of your choice
Acrylic Paint
16 gauge clear vinyl
Stencil sponge
Staple gun

I was looking at the price of stencils and decided that I wasn't about that life and just made my own. Making your own stencil with two kids trying to shake you down is obnoxious. That's what happens when I get cocky. I made my stencil using the plastic film I ripped off of an old notebook and an exacto knife. Pain in my ass. 

The drop cloth I used came in a 9 yard pack. It's about 10 bucks at Lowe's. 

If you don't have little (or big) beings running around making messes, then you can skip the vinyl part.

Now onto the steps!!

1. Cut out your seat covers from the drop cloth. While the scissors are still in your hand, cut out the vinyl pieces as well. I measured my current seat and added an inch and half for stapling.

See how gross my old covers were?

2. Give the drop cloth pieces a good ironing. They pack them pretty tight and that leaves some pretty gnarly folds.

3. Find a good clean work surface and start painting with your stencil. I used the sponge brush to apply the paint. 

*After the second seat cover, I washed my stencil and the sponge brush to combat paint build up and smearing.

4. When finished, let the covers sit. It seemed like the top of the cover was dry by the time I got to the bottom. I let them sit for a good hour before the next step, but they were probably dry by 20 minutes.

5. Take your cover and place it on the vinyl. Then place the cushion in the middle. Make sure the fabric is straight. I like to pull up the sides just to make sure they're even.

6. I like to start stapling by first starting in the middle of the bottom. Then move over to the corner and pull the fabric so you get it nice and flat. It took a bit of pulling and manipulating to get the fabric and the vinyl to not be wrinkled.

7. After the stapling is done, flip it over to make sure you didn't make any mistakes and reattach the cushion to your chair.

8. Enjoy.

Reason #4567 why I needed vinyl! Banana was later added to this same chair.

Also, just buy stencils. Let the professionals do it. Check out this guy: WallMasque Stencil Company

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